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The Castle

“…its imposing presence bears witness to a past time of magic and adventure.”

Set apart, impossible to see from the road, majestic and solemn, the Castle dominates the enchanted land in whose embrace it lies, a breathtaking, elegant and harmonious setting.
Discover the Castello di Gabbiano and let yourself be astounded by its beauty!

The marvellous terrace spread out before the Castle is dominated by the fortified twelfth century tower, its most ancient part. The great entrance doorway, above which the inscriptions on the coats of arms of the Soderini family (16th century) may still be read, is an invitation to enter, an invitation that cannot be refused…

The visitor immediately senses an aura of protection from these ancient walls, along with the warmth of the light that streams through the vast windows along the sides of the little cloister and pervades the broad corridor that runs along the entire perimeter.

The perception of solidity, yet at the same time lightness, that such an ancient structure can impart fills the observer with wonder, in no small part due to its restoration, which succeeded in combining modernity and history in perfect harmony!

Spontaneously, the desire wells up to find out all about the most remote history of this place, to seek out its hidden parts, its ancient underground cellars, and relive the most important moments that over more than nine centuries have brought it to today’s era, still standing here, ready to welcome us and tell us its story…





Castello di Gabbiano
Via di Gabbiano, 22 50024
Mercatale Val di Pesa (Firenze) Italy
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