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...awaiting year 2012
Oggetto: ...awaiting year 2012
Data invio: 2011-12-30 09:50:19
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"...awaiting year 2012" 

  • The New Year is coming, it will be punctual, not even half minute of delay, as usual! We all will be ready to welcome it, with optimism, high expectations and confidence, or with skepticism, suspicion and anxiety, yet all present here (and, even not wanting to be there, where are you hiding? ...runaway west?).

    We wish you all and ourselves a good 2012, that finds us ready to face everything with the right spirit, the right commitment, goodwill and much enthusiasm all the time!

  • Sobriety : the  2012  mantra
    (mind it, ours can jeopardize yours!)
    We have understood it, sobriety will be the mantra of the year 2012. For us it has been word of order for a long time. Sobriety is professionalism, quality, control, measurement, rigor, coherence, clarity, honesty. These features are rules for all of our activities: in the vineyards as well as in the cellar, in our social and business relationship, in our communication, hospitality and welcoming.

    We apologize if the fruit of so much temperance can be so inviting, seductive and exciting to put a strain on your sobriety!
  • Memo for the wineclubbers:

    Until 20th January  Wineclubbers have exclusive access to the 2009 vintage of our three top wines
    : Chianti Classico Riserva, Bellezza and Alleanza! Enjoy your primacy and save your own bottles of such boutique wines: set aside the special 2009 vintage boutique wines from cellar directly.
    Renew your WineClub membership by 30th January, you will receive a special gift!

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