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vendemmia sangiovese

2016 grape harvest at Castello di Gabbiano

We started our harvest second week of September, in our youngest vineyards ,  picking the grapes destinated to our rosé wine. Now we are working on the real harvest. This year we had a fabulous summer, very dry, sunny and warm but not extreme high temperatures.  Except for 2 weeks in July we never exceeded the 35° Celsius even during midday. During the nights the temperatures diminished considerably. Almost no rain at all since June 20.  However, fortunately we had...

2012 Riserva awarded by Expovina

2012 Riserva awarded by EXPOVINA

[caption id="attachment_56160" align="alignleft" width="300"] Castello di Gabbiano 2012 Riserva Chianti Classico awarded by EXPOVINA[/caption]...

riserva chianti classico castello di gabbiano


Chianti Classico Riserva Castello di Gabbiano,  Double magnum(3L) and  Jeroboam(5L) bottles available    ...

wine and oil fragrances for your home

Castello di Gabbiano home fragrances

[caption id="attachment_56138" align="alignleft" width="300"] le nuove fragranze per ambiente di Castello di Gabbiano[/caption] A delicious diwine fragrance or a relaxing aroma of oil just after pressing, for your home? Un profumo diVino o un rilassante aroma di fresca oliva appena franta, per casa?...

A Beautiful wine!

[caption id="attachment_56122" align="alignleft" width="300"] Weinwirtschaft awards 2012 Bellezza Gran Selezione Chianti Classico[/caption] Weinwirtschaft dice : "Fruttato, naso speziato, accoppiato con aromi maturi di rum e di Madera, ciliegia, prugna, torrone, denso, complesso con tannino e acidità" .  Insomma,  una vera Bellezza! Weinwirtschaft says: "Fruity, spicy nose, mixed with mature aromas of rum and Madeira, cherry, plum, nougat, dense, complex with tannin and acidity".    In short, a Beautiful wine!...

sangiovese invaiatura

2016 Vintage: chatting with the agronomist

Prologue: interview Francesco Caselli, the agronomist in charge of the almost 150ha estate vineyards. Note: NEVER, but especially in a promising vintage, ask for vintage quality forecasting a grower of Sangiovese in Tuscany - where harvest starts late September, when weather is unpredictable and rain is never a remote risk, and Sangiovese is delicate as a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown! The agronomist words: "After a favourable early start, spring came late and was marked by heavy rains and temperature decreases. The season...


Visiting Castello di Gabbiano An excursion to a wonderful place or a winery visit? A tour in a XII century castle and its underground vaults or  a wine tasting? A wine education or a pic-nic in the garden of a castle?   The whole. [caption id="attachment_56041" align="alignleft" width="300"] vigneto didattico al Castello di Gabbiano[/caption] [caption id="attachment_56040" align="alignleft" width="300"] Degustazione in enoteca[/caption]...

screw cap for Chainti DOCG wine


  Cork or screw cap? There is no question, the screw cap is hard to accept by conservatives, especially on a red wine. A lesson in open-mindedness is given by  Chianti Consortium, who admits the screw cap, already the harvest 2014. The new generation screw caps are, in every respect, a guarantee of protection and perfect preservation for a young and fresh wine like Chianti DOCG! But not all markets are ready to accept this evolution, the Gabbiano Chianti wine, also proposed...

chianti classico in bottiglia da 0,375L

Chianti Classico small size

  Far too little, for its quality! Today, as many years ago, the Chianti Classico Castello di Gabbiano is available in 0,375L bottle.  The 375ml bottle, out of production for many years (basically by cost reasons), is back in production and will be available in the European market. Here it is,  along with some of his predecessors.    ...

vigna da gennaio a giugno


[caption id="attachment_55956" align="alignleft" width="300"] vigneto da Gennaio a inizio Luglio[/caption] The management of a vineyard requires maximum cooperation between man and nature: man working in nature service. La gestione di una vigna richiede massima collaborazione tra uomo e natura, e l’uomo lavora al servizio della natura....

Castello di gabbiano raccomandato Châteaux & Hôtels Collection

Un castello garantito

[caption id="attachment_55946" align="alignleft" width="300"] Castello di Gabbiano nella Guida Chateaux e Hotels Collection[/caption] Un’ulteriore referenza per i nostri ospiti e un nuovo riconoscimento al nostro lavoro: Castello di Gabbiano sarà incluso nella guida 2017 Châteaux & Hôtels Collection! Castello di Gabbiano listed in prestigious Châteaux and Hôtels Collection ​A new reference for our customers and a further reward for our work:  Castello di Gabbiano has just been selected for listing in the Châteaux & Hôtels Collection, a guide which lists a selected number...

chianti classico itinerary Km 39/40_Castello di Gabbiano

Maratona del Chianti Classico: tutte le strade portano quì!

[caption id="attachment_55890" align="alignleft" width="300"] chianti classico marathon Km39/40[/caption] Domenica 5 Giugno, Maratona del Chianti Classico. 3 percorsi : la Maratona(per i podisti più seri), la Mezza Maratona (per i podisti meno allenati) e il Short Trail (per chi podista vero no ma sportivo sì!), partono da punti diversi, ma tutti e tre confluiscono in un unico ultimo tratto ...

La Maratona del Chianti Classico attraversa Castello di Gabbiano

chianti classico marathon

Sarà la prima edizione, ma è destinata a diventare un must nell’agenda dei podisti più appassionati! Un bellissimo percorso che si svolge tutto tra i vigneti, gli ulivi, gli sterrati del Chianti, uno dei paesaggi più suggestivi che il nostro paese ci offre. (…e un bel tratto attraversa i nostri vigneti!)   It’s the first edition, born to become a must on the agenda of the most passionate runners! A beautiful route running through the vineyards and olive trees, the dirt roads of Chianti,...


Wines from the New World

May 27th 2016 A wonderful evening to discover the wines of the New World: the Napa Valley, Barossa, Hawke’s Bay. For all the wine lovers and the curious, the opportunity to discover new wines and new flavors. All accompanied by spring dishes from our kitchen! Visit The Event Time 7:30PM Prices Dinner and Wine Tasting with 6 wines – Euro 42,00 Dinner and all Wine tasting – Euro 50,00 * * For FISAR and AIS members a reserved price of € 45.00 Reservation is recommended...

evento borgogna al cavaliere

Wednesday, May 18: a date to mark – Burgundy event

A special event at Il Cavaliere: chef Francesco Berardinelli hosts colleague and friend Luc Fiolé - executive chef of the starred restaurant Montrachet - for a Burgundy dinner! The menu prepared by Luc Fiolé, will be paired by the most representative wines of the region, whose producers will be attending. An aperitif will be offered at the castle, accompanied by a delightful concert, to open the happening. BOOKING & DETAILS:


Vinitaly 2016

È la 50ma edizione! Noi come sempre ci saremo, dal 10 al 13 Aprile, a Verona: VINITALY   Padiglione 9 Stand D11   It’s the 50th edition! As always we will be there, April 10 to 13, in Verona: it’s VINITALY   Pav 9 Booth D11...

cdg reopened

“Il Cavaliere” reopened

“Il Cavaliere” ha riaperto: l’atmosfera è gioiosa, nell’aria profumi invitanti e tanta freschezza, luce e cortesia, nei piatti colore, gusto e bellezza, ai tavoli clienti sorridenti . Un grande inizio! Auguriamo buon lavoro a Francesco Berardinelli e a tutto il team del Cavaliere! (Aperto: pranzo e cena Chiuso: Lunedì |Martedì a pranzo. T. 0558218423 | 3346429535)   "Il Cavaliere" reopened: a cozy ambiance, some scented smells and a beautiful light in the air, colourful, tasty and beautiful dishes, and many smiling customers at the...



The rooster is quite happy these days ...







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