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2020 Harvest: the End!

(…read here previous episodes)  Our harvest is ended, all grapes are in the cellar.  This year the harvest was a little earlier in the younger vineyards that had suffered a little from the high temperatures and water stress during the month of August. But in the end we accelerated it a bit, due to the heavy rains from the end of September.  Even last year the harvest was not long, let’s compare our harvest dates between 2019 and 2020:

  • 2019 – since 9/17 to 10/16
  • 2020 – since 9/10 to 10/9

To our satisfaction, the grapes have withstood the rains of the last two weeks very well.

2020 harvest report card of the year by the agronomist:  Good quality with some points of excellence.  Quantity very poor.

(Next: the winemaker’s report card.  to be continued…)

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