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2022 VINTAGE : mid June expectations

We interviewed our agronomist, asking him how such an early summer season might affect the growth of  grapes in our vineyards.

His words : “As of today, mid-June, conditions in our vineyards can be described as normal; no events affecting quality or quantity. We could place this vintage, today, side by side with the conditions recorded at the same date in 2015.  The warm weather speeds up the phenological stages; grape fruit set has already occurred. Plants grow vigorously, especially the younger ones. We record good temperature ranges at night, and soils are still cool. We hope to have the right amount of rainfall during the coming summer months to witness the ideal development of the next phases. As with every year, we just have to wait and see what the season holds, we can only monitor each vineyard and work to ensure that the plants are healthy and strong to cope best with growth, whatever the conditions.  That’s our focus every year!”