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2022 vintage: the power of nature!

It is amazing how nature reacts to climate challenges.

We look at the younger vineyards, which have greatly experienced water stress first and then the effects of a major hailstorm: we see an extraordinary phenomenon of revegetation, as if it were spring…

It is the vine’s physiological response to the powerful hailstorm. Having regained the nourishment, the water, the energies that being lacking had induced the growth stoppage, they now rebloom. By absurdity, if there were summer weather conditions during the fall, we would see new production.

It is a great message of encouragement and strength that nature constantly gives us.

In all truth, these vines will need a lot of extra care, which we will know how to give them, for them to regain their proper balance: they will need to replenish the energies they are now wasting to nothing and realign themselves to the proper seasonality of our hemisphere.

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