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2022 VINTAGE: what a challenge!

2022 vintage gave us so many challenges… droughts, very high temperatures (we have chronicled them along the way),  however at the end of July expectations were still high – many of the vineyards showed great promise just a little water was enough to ensure excellent fruit…

Hail is always the risk in the last stage of grape ripening. Sadly, this year it came full force, infuriating, devastating: where it passed it drove everything away, or violently struck the clusters, leaving injured grapes.

Our spirits are upset, how sad!

Yet, now we focus on the vineyards that were spared from this fury: there beautiful and healthy grapes have taken new vigor from the arrived water. They are encouraging us, giving us the impetus to face the harvest confidently and with our usual enthusiasm.

A vintage that will give us drastically reduced production – perhaps the quality will make us regret the scarcity even more!


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