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The same old story

By calendar summer is supposed to be at its peak … but we’re still waiting for it.

We’re not worried about the tan as much as the…tannins!

Definitely lack of water will not be a problem for 2014 vintage.

Today we can say that quantity is above all expectations, a challenge to our way of working much aimed at curbing production. We were also saved from the hail that already hit some places.

Downy mildew and oidium are no longer a concern at this stage of the season, now our focus is to protect grape from botrytis, which could become a serious danger if the alternation of sun and rain will continue (another challenge to our way of working caring environmental sustainability).

During the months of August and September a hot and dry climate would avert the botrytis danger, and the ripening of the grapes could be accomplished properly.   But all can happen, it might also keep on raining.

That is the same old story:  at this stage of the season, although we can already guess something important about the vintage, all is still possible!

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