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Approching 2020 harvest

Approching harvest is a highlight of the year in a winery.

A path that comes to an end.

The climate, the choices that were made and the work of the whole season will be summed up in each bunch of grapes that we will pick.

The grapes that we will bring to the cellar will be this year’s first report card.

It was a favorable season by a climatic point of view – both in terms of rainfall, abundant in autumn and early spring, and temperature. Summer continued with high temperatures but relatively cool nights with temperature ranges of 10/15 degrees. The rains at the beginning of August accelerated the veraison phase. The vines in August suffered from heat and drought, but the rains at the end of the month(60mm in two days) brought everything back into motion and now the plants are working well with the right temperatures and amounts of sunshine. A decrease in production: the spurred cordon vineyards produced less, due to the cold in the vegetative restart phase. Thus less grapes but the complete ripeness is expected in the usual time for the harvest and quality looks very much promising….

We are checking the grapes to assess when to start picking(we will start with the Merlots) – in a few days we will have a more precise idea of the polyphenolic potential of the grapes and therefore the real quality of the vintage; for Sangiovese everything will also depend on the climatic conditions in the next 2 weeks.

Mood is high!