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Buona Befana!

posts festività 2015Se siete stati buoni magari troverete una bottiglia Castello di Gabbiano nella vostra calza!

There’s a saying here in Italy that goes “L’Epifania, tutte le feste si porta via”, which means “Epiphany, carries away all festivities”. Basically it’s the last holiday just before going back to everyday life on the 7th January.

According to the Italian tradition, the Befana is a very old woman who flies on a battered broom, visiting children on the night between the 5th and 6th of January (the night of the Epiphany), to fill the stockings left by them, usually hung by the fireplace or near a window. Children who have been good during the year will receive sweets, candy, dried fruit, small toys. Those who haven’t will find their stockings filled with coal (sugary coal).

…..If you were good you might find some Gabbiano wines in your stockings!