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Castello di Gabbiano is a company with a century-old history. Today the based on substainability company policy is aimed to ensure its land an equally long future.

Several choices have been engaged to pursue this goal.

LIFE GREEN GRAPES aims to develop vine defense protocols using resistance inductors and biocontrol agents that allow to reduce the use of agrochemicals while maintaining the quality of the final product unaltered and improving the quality of the environment.

Castello di Gabbiano is a partner of this big project. In the past three vintages “tests” have been carried out in our vineyards on the “Sangiovese” grape with 5 different protocols applied on 3 different vineyards for exposure and slope: 1) company; 2) company with reduction of pesticides and addition of bio-stimulants; 3) organic; 4) organic with reduction of pesticides and addition of biostimulants; 5) only biostimulants.

Important results have already been observed for the success of an inductor-based management.

In vineyards where conditions are less suitable for the development of diseases (greater ventilation, better exposure), even the “tests” carried out with resistance inductors alone (test protocol 5) have obtained a productivity almost identical to the other protocols.

Generally the quality parameters of the grapes suggest that the reduction of treatments with pesticides does not compromise the quality of the product, if integrated with resistance inductors.

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