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2021 Sangiovese harvest

It’s harvest time!   September was propitious: sunny, with good temperature ranges day and night, some gentle rain and good ventilation.  As expected, some difficulties in the youngest vineyards that most suffered from the heat and drought: here further to the natural selection the viticulturist’s expert eyes and hands selected only the grapes they deserve.…

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2021 harvest: last day

Last 2021 harvest day: picking up Sangiovese grapes in the Bellezza vineyard. First comments coming from the winery confirm our expectations: reduced quantities, very much unfortunately, and low yields (we knew it). Yet, quality in some vineyards was really surprising - definitely above expectations. Some excitement rose in the cellar at the arrival of some…

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Wishing for a Sustainable Christmas

Castello di Gabbiano wishes you a sustainable Christmas:... ...a Christmas that can maintain its meaning today and always in the future, ...a Christmas that can be celebrated peacefully ...a Christmas that can continue to be an expression of love and hope ...a Christmas that can be celebrated with nativity scenes, trees, stars and angels, according to tradition, today and…

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A Good Year 2022

From its position overlooking the chianti classico hills this tower has seen the sunset of a December 31st and the dawn of New Years more than 900 times. How much history it could tell… It's going to see the New Year 2022 rise. We wish it will be able to tell it as a good year!

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waiting for 2022 spring…

Waiting for spring…the vineyards are getting ready to awakening - ready to drink wines are bottled - the team prepares for the annual wine appointments - the website is packing its new look - hospitality staff organizes the reopening - the new art exhibition is about to be set up - behind the scenes at…

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2022 Chianti Classico Collection

An appointment that hasn't been on the agenda for too long: the Chianti Classico Collection. After the long virtual interlude opened in our life, we have the desire, the need for a sensorial experience. Aromas, flavors, physical perceptions are fundamental in the wine world, words have their value and their power, but the language of wine…

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“Il Cavaliere” riapre con una proposta tutta nuova!

Giovedì 24 Marzo il ristorante ‘Il Cavaliere’ di Castello diGabbiano riapre con una proposta tutta nuova. Grande entusiasmo per il nuovo staff! La nuova squadra, patrocinata da Marcello Crini, proporrà una cucina dall’accento decisamente Toscano, basata essenzialmente su ingredienti di prima qualità, approvvigionati dai formidabili produttori locali. Lo chef e il suo team in cucina si…

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