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2022 VINTAGE : mid June expectations - 3

2022 VINTAGE : mid June expectations

We interviewed our agronomist, asking him how such an early summer season might affect the growth of  grapes in our vineyards. His words : "As of today, mid-June, conditions in our vineyards can be described as normal; no events affecting quality or quantity. We could place this vintage, today, side by side with the conditions recorded…

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2022 VINTAGE: what a challenge! - 5

2022 VINTAGE: what a challenge!

2022 vintage gave us so many challenges... droughts, very high temperatures (we have chronicled them along the way),  however at the end of July expectations were still high - many of the vineyards showed great promise just a little water was enough to ensure excellent fruit... Hail is always the risk in the last stage of…

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Spring prelude: nature sends messages to us every day. Without words, no slogans, no models, no social networks, no language difference, it communicates continuously to the whole world, all over the Earth. New life comes again and again. We got it. We share it .

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Once again proud to share our wines awards: Cavaliere d'Oro Gabbiano 2017 Chianti Classico, Cavaliere d'Oro Castello di Gabbiano 2016 Riserva Chianti Classico and  Cavaliere d'Oro Bellezza 2015 Gran Selezione Chianti  Classico . These coming by wines critic Raffaele Vecchione (

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