Pinot Grigio



Part of “Cavaliere d’Oro” wines collection – a selection of wine from the very best winemaking regions across Italy – this is a small D.O.C. that lies in a valley shaped by glaciers and crossed by the Adige River in the pristine northern Italian Alps. The vines here enjoy a cool climate, the wines from here have bright acidity and vein of minerality from the stone soils.


Pinot Grigio 100%


To preserve the fresh, bright character of Pinot Grigio the wine goes direct to press and is fermented cool in stainless steel.  Specific yeasts are used to highlight Pinot Grigio character.

A beautiful straw-yellow color. Come to nose an impressive fruity bouquet. On palate it is medium bodied with a lean mineral-edge and plenty of vibrancy, which is backed by fresh apple, melon, citrus and tropical fruit on the finish.


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