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At the oil mill

The pressing of the olives takes place immediately after harvesting at the  oil mill of Castello di Gabbiano. The whole process, which provides for cleaning and subsequent washing of the olives, crushing hammer and for the centrifugal extraction, cold occurs(not over 27°C)… what results, however, offers us very warm sensations on the palate, heart, mind. The new oil is coming! 

2020 olives harvest started

We started the olives harvest: waiting to hear the agronomist's words on the state of the olives and the first tastings of the new oil, we share some suggestive images

extravirgin olives oil DOP Chianti Classico Castello di Gabbiano

Olives Harvest

“men at work” among the olive trees and at the olive mill The olive harvest started early , mid-October. It is not over yet because the rains have obliged to interrupt a few days. The mill is active 24h -  12 hours do not go between harvesting and pressing(and not even 10) . The oil this year is extremely pleasant in taste, elegant and well balanced; intense, but slightly more delicate last year.   We are very glad!