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Safety at work is a priority of Castello di Gabbiano as it is for TWE Group of which the company is a part.

A protocol based on the worker’s mindfulness is applied in all TWE wineries, whose goal is maximum security : “Destination Zero Harm“.

There is a degree of awareness(mindfulness) of danger that helps to preserve oneself from accidents:  working below this line means working at danger of being injured and expose others to danger.

The worker must guarantee to always be above this line and the company must contribute to guaranteeing him this degree of awareness.

The conditions that can lead to lowering the worker’s awareness below this line are distraction, tiredness, rushing, lack of concentration, pressure, putting production ahead of safety, non-compliance with procedures, lack of focus on the task (eyes & mind), urgency of the moment.

Education to safely perform his task, engagement in his task, empower to take action and intervene in case of lack of safety, willing to intervene when he sees something unsafe, his attitude towards other workers, his concern for his own and others’ safety, are the factors that guarantee the worker’s mindfulness above that line.

All staff of Castello di Gabbiano, as well as staff at any other TWE winery, systematically receive training in this regard.

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