novembre 2015

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Let’s have a drink!

  Il Divino Dì In English “The diVine day”, it is the name (a pun based on Italian words assonance) of the aperitif events hold by Enoteca Gallo Nero, at MCF -Florence Central Market- on Thursdays evening, with Chianti Classico producers attendance. A good idea, a fine name, a beautiful location and also a good time for the events. So, we give you a first date THURSDAY November 19, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm, at Enoteca Gallo Nero in the MCF. See you there!

Olive pressing

  In the evening when it is dark the light at our mill is still on. Our mill is working intensively: olives arrive twice a day, late morning and late evening, it does not stop until all the olives of the day have been processed, it is important that processing the oil is made as quickly as possible after harvest to ensure the highest quality oil. This year the oil is high quality indeed : rich in perfumes, has a beautiful colour

Olive harvest

  It 's time to pick olives up. It looks faintly like a revenge the excitement we approach this harvest,


  Harvest Party for Gabbiano team A long, challenging and very satisfying season of hospitality, full of guests and events. A hard harvest, due to the varying weather, but that brought to the cellar excellent grapes. Then, the usual "Harvest Party" at the castle, where entire team participates every year with their families. A beautiful celebration, as always!  

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