Justified defense in the vineyard: the DSS project

Justified defense in the vineyard: the DSS project

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Our route for a sustainable viticulture led us to meet and work with those who are committed, as we are, in the search for ways of working to reduce the environmental impact and towards a sustainable development of the wine production.
One of our picks was to support the DSS project – proposed by Horta and sponsored by BASF – based on the support of agro-meteorological stations and forecasting models for an effective struggle to Peronospora, Oidium and Botrytis of the vine.
Vite.net® is the system made available from Horta Ltd., a spin-off of the Catholic University of Piacenza, in collaboration with the working group of Prof. Millers – Institute of Plant Pathology ‘University of Florence – in the context of the European project PURE « Innovative crop protection for sustainable agriculture ‘(http://www.pure-ipm.eu/).
The procedures followed in the vineyards allowed the minimum functional use of pesticides, following the indications gotten from above decision support system.
The interesting results show efficiently preserved vines, thanks to assessed and efficient treatments during the season.
The last few years showed how the data resulted by the project assisted solving problems related to the disease.

For more about this, a Workshop will be held on November 26th, at 15:30 at Castello di Gabbiano.
(Info: Paolo Espinosa – paolo.espinosa@basf.com | 329 8150769 – Mauro Nosi – mauro.nosi@basf.com | 335 7179755)


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