Delizia del Castello

Aromatic food dressing, obtained from grape must, approx 10 year ageing in special barrels of various capacities and different woods which, gradually over time, produce a wonderful complexity of fragrances.
The seasoning can be used to give aroma to dishes both in its raw state, and added at the end of cooking.
For raw foods (vegetables, carpaccio etc.), it is advisable to add it before the oil, so its aroma is fully captured by the meat; in foods that are cooked for longer periods, a good rule is to add it just before removing from the heat; this is also true for hot dishes already placed on a serving dish, when it is best to sprinkle the seasoning at the last moment, before serving at table.
In addition to the more “classic” combinations (meat, cured pork, vegetables, fish), the dressing is excellent for enhancing sauces, fresh fruit, ice cream and cocktails.