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GOD SAVE THE WINE @ CHIC NONNA 19th Jnuary, 2023

Wines inspire emotions, the environment, the atmosphere surrounding us when we taste a wine, a food, or smell a perfume, all become an accomplice to our perception and the memory we retain of it.

Chic is a beautiful and elegant environment, as well as a stone wall from which to enjoy a spectacular view, or the kitchen of a house where serenity and good taste prevail. Chic is good wine!

A… Chic opportunity for a tasting of our wines,and other excellent labels is offered by GOD SAVE THE WINE which always organises fine wine evenings!

Chic Wine, Chic Nonna: Florence, on Thursday, January 19th, at the prestigious Chic Nonna Ristorante .

March 2024

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