Let’s get into the 2021 with confidence!

Let’s get into the 2021 with confidence!

How long did the past year last?  It seems to have flown by despite its crazy weight. Year 2021 will fly lighter, it brings the light of the solution. We haven’t arrived yet, but we see the goal and we know the way.  Let’s get into the 2021 with confidence, reactivate the adrenaline and unleash the energies that seem exhausted (just seem!)

After a long and demanding hike in the mountains, you get to see the refuge at the top, there you will rest and you can finally say “I did it”, it is just a little away, you left the steepest part behind, but this last one stretch seems longer, more tiring, more difficult. It just seems.

After a long swim, in choppy, cold waters, against the current, now you see the land, but the shore seems to move away rather than approach. It just seems.

After wandering for long in a dark labyrinth, bewildered, lost, scared, you glimpse the light, you see the exit, now you just have to keep calm and walk the last stretch without falling back into the mistakes that took you off the right path, but although illuminated it seems to you the most insidious trait. It just seems.

In the same way, after a year we lived the desperation of those who got lost in a labyrinth in the dark, on a mountain to climb, in a rough sea, now we see our goal, the trajectory is clear, we know the mistakes to avoid, the solution is in front of us…  but under the weight of accumulated fatigue and stress we may be afraid of not making it. Let’s not lose heart right now!

Once you reach the summit you will then walk downhill, once you reach the shore you will rest on the warm sand, once you leave the labyrinth you will go wherever you want.


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