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Long life to the barrel: a life as a supporting actor

.it/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/barriques-fragole-300×279.jpg” alt=”” width=”218″ height=”203″ />Each barrel is unique, the winemaker’s ability lies in identifying the best wine-barrel combination and understanding the right aging time, which will give the wine further aromas and enhance its organoleptic qualities. By aging a wine its role is very important, but it is successful when it is not dominant, the first actor is always the wine. Exhausted after hosting two, three vintages of wines, the barrels still find their role,  still supportive, never as the first actor, but always important: sometimes for the aging of liqueurs, wisky, or vinegar. Often they are transformed and used to become exhibitors, tables, armchairs, often planters, in this case they host magnificent flowers or plants, aromatic herbs, or …. they can become small strawberry gardens. Long life to the barrel!

March 2024

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