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Luca Maroni awards Castello di Gabbiano 2018 Cabernet Franc

It is not just poetry when Luca Maroni says: “Wine is pleasant when its taste recalls in a true way (consistent, balanced, integer) the taste of the fruit from which it has been obtained” and “The fruit-grade of a wine is directly proportioned to the consistency, Balance and Integrity of its taste”

It is not just mathematics when Luca Maroni calculates:

Index of Quality/Pleasantness/Fruit-grade = Consistency + Balance + Integrity IQ/P = C + B + I

It wasn’t just our promise when we announced:  2018 CABERNET FRANC

From the selection of monovarietal wines by Castello di Gabbiano, the 2018 Cabernet Franc 2018 collects Luca Maroni’s award: C 33 + B 31+ I 32 = 96 points.




March 2024

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