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Phytodepuration: a natural wastewater treatment

Phytodepuration: a natural wastewater treatment system based on the use of plants.

It is part of the Sustainability project embraced by the company across the board for over a decade now.

The need to search for wastewater treatment systems with “sustainable” characteristics led to the development of systems that exploited the “natural” component without requiring the use of complex, energy-intensive mechanical components.

Phytodepuration is a wastewater treatment system designed and constructed to artificially reproduce the natural self-purification processes found in wetland environments.

Purification activity is determined by a combined action between substrate, plants, effluent, and the present microorganisms; it is based on the ability of plant organisms to absorb dissolved various organic compounds in water-a natural wastewater purification system consisting of an impermeable basin filled with gravel material and vegetated by aquatic and nonaquatic plants. At the outflow, only legally purified water is obtained, without any sludge production.

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