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Art Exhibition

Andrea Mattiello

“Ho imparato dalla memoria dell’acqua a sostenere le cose, e riflettere l’universo.”

Painting and passion for art have always been two constants that have marked the course of my whole life so much that they have become a fundamental part of a day today.

Let me introduce myself… I’m Andrea Mattiello, Tuscan… I like to define myself as an “image creator”, a person who simply plays with combining colors and images to create new suggestions, reflections, introspection, curiosity.

I attended the “Policarpo Petrocchi Art Institute” in Pistoia and at the same time I began to create my first personal works, indulging my passion for certain artistic currents or artists who periodically became my “myths”… Caravaggio and Raphael, the ‘Impressionism, the Surrealism of Dalì and Magritte, the Metaphysics of Giorgio de Chirico, Lucio Fontana….

To date my admiration is for Pop Art, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Basquiat’s graffiti and the Italian Mario Schifano… artist that I adore!

This blog was born with the idea of ​​becoming a small/large personal and dynamic diary about my work and what goes around it.

An insight into my activity and the daily life that influences my creation …. a sort of fluid contamination between images, thoughts and moods open to a continuous flow of news and suggestions.

Art Exhibition


“Acqua” è il titolo della mostra d’arte di Andrea Mattiello, che verrà inaugurata a Castello di Gabbiano Domenica 7 Maggio alle ore 17:00.

L’artista sarà presente all’evento. Le sue opere nascono ed esprimono la potenza universale dell’elemento acqua, nella sua leggerezza, nella sua forza, nella sua capacità di riflettere, scindere, sostenere, avvolgere, nutrire, e la facoltà dell’uomo di immergersi, galleggiare, guardare attraverso, riflettersi, trarne energia…

Accompagnamento musicale di “La Dama e l’Unicorno“.

March 2024

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