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Claudia Lotti
Art Exhibitions

Claudia Lotti

Claudia Lotti was born in Florence in 1970.
She is self-taught, guided by her natural passion for painting and drawing. Her early works take inspiration from the enchanting landscapes of the Tuscan countryside, where she has always lived. Her continuous search for innovation and stylistic enrichment stimulated her to experiment with different mixed techniques that gradually led her toward abstractionism, whose limitless freedom of expression perfectly embodies her inner world.

Her art is instinctive and constantly evolving, drawing inspiration from the desire to materialize states of mind and sensations through the use of color, which always remains the absolute protagonist.
She works with acrylic colors on canvas and wood, uses markers and crayons to delineate spaces and forms, uses preparations in plaster, sand or latex; with alcohol inks he creates color games on paper to incorporate into his works.
Her works are often “chromatic constructions” with spaces defined by lines and depth, with strong and vivid color combinations but always in constant search of balance and harmony.

Claudia Lotti has taken part in group exhibitions in Italy and will be present at events scheduled for Bergamo and Brescia as culture capitals 2023.

  • 2022 September Roma Art event Expo 2022 at the Medina Art Gallery Roma
  • 2022 December Impronte d’arte at Galleria Duepuntozero Bergamo
  • 2023 April Roma Art Event 2023 at the Biblioteca Angelica Roma
  • 2023 May Firenze Art Event 2023 at the Art&Art Gallery di Armando Xhomo
  • at2023 June Milano Art Event 2023 at the Ikonica Gallery, Milano


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