Pinot Grigio delle Venezie


Part of “Cavaliere d’Oro” wines collection, a selection of wine from the very best winemaking regions across Italy, this is a fresh and crisp Pinot Grigio which enjoys the benefits of the cool Northern Italian climate. Grapes supplied almost exclusively from Friuli, grown in alluvial soils they are very rich in minerals that give the wine an important tasty characteristic and crunchiness. The most typical PG to pairing with food.


Pinot Grigio 100%


Grapes undergo soft-press and fermentation with selected yeasts at a low temperature to retain the bright varietal characters of the fruit and add greater fullness and texture to the wine.

On nose this Pinot Grigio gives a pleasant scent with floral hints mixing with a note of fresh and ripe fruit. The palate is vibrant with a good acidity, salty and fresh, banana and tropical fruit hints with a long almond aftertaste.