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Sipping life at your home

sipping life at your homeIn a normal situation, for us at Castello di Gabbiano welcoming our visitors, giving them a visit to the castle, the cellars, the vineyards and sharing our wines tasting with them is always a happy and rewarding moment.  Seeing them to leave happy and satisfied with the time spent together with us and with their favourite wines that they will enjoy at home, rewards our work and satisfies our expectations. At the moment this is not allowed, we all know it. But it does not mean that our wines cannot reach your homes…  We work to satisfy your desires anyway, our wines can reach you at any time. They will bring you a life sip. On our website you can find out how each wine was produced, its path to be the wine it is. You can virtually walk with us at Castello di Gabbiano and if you have any curiosity you can write to us and we will be happy to give you answers. It is our way of helping you to live this difficult period, with the awareness that it will be overcome, patience and trust: sipping a good wine is sipping life – you can do it at your home!

We will come back to welcome you, be able to shake hands, tell us and smile, taste together and load the wines directly into your cars (or send them to you) and say goodbye!

March 2024

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