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The keywords of 2020 Easter

2020 Easter words
Easter words

Let’s not lie, it won’t be a peaceful Easter, because we live fear, pain, constraint, fragility. But this year it can be more than ever an Easter of awareness, trust, patience, respect, resurrection, good wine!

Awareness: because yes, we all know that, we will overcome this absurd moment – the overcoming is in our hands. In the hands of doctors and health professionals, scientists, all men involved in civil protection, law enforcement, volunteers who work in many different ways, all those who assure us of our daily needs and companies that have reinvented themselves in order to make themselves useful and ensure work for their workers; but also in the hands of each of us, who collaborate, with only the sacrifice of our freedom to fight against this aggressive and invisible enemy.

Trust: even though we know that there will be an after, we have to believe it! It is not enough to be an optimist to believe it. Optimism in the long run gives way to a reality that counts deaths, worries and tiredness. Men of Science have confidence in the after (because science will defeat this enemy) and the men of Faith. Faith is in each of us, in every part of the world, every ethnicity, culture, religion, background. Even in the most skeptical, who at some point will be tired of screaming not to hear its voice.

Patience: of course we all know that we will get through this moment, but we are tired, it is a long way, we are told we have to wait a little longer, and we do not imagine how much this will be. Indeed yes we imagine that it will be long.

Respect: we finally learn respect for others, which is respect for ourselves, as well as the premise for being respected by others. Never as at this moment people who have little respect for others cab be identifiable.

Hope: the hope that when this page will be turned, the chapter closed man will rediscover himself a little different, in his certainties, in his priorities, in his hierarchies, in his being. Maybe improved.

Good wine: unquestionable, a good wine is the perfect companion in times of good cooking, relaxation, meditation, love, solitude, quarantine!

So Castello di Gabbiano wish you to live an Easter in awareness, trust, patience, respect, hope and good wine. May it be translated into a resurr犀利士
ection Easter for all!

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