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The new proposal by restaurant Il Cavaliere

THURSDAY 24 MARCH the restaurant ‘Il Cavaliere’ of Castello di Gabbiano re-opens!

The new staff, under the direction of Marcello Crini, will offer a cuisine with a distinctive Tuscan accent, based essentially on top-quality ingredients sourced from formidable local producers. The chef and his team in the kitchen have fun: working with top quality ingredients is a privilege, to enhance them and make them becoming emotion for the palate that will taste them is a passion. We do not work in search of the unusual, we do not intend to surprise with special effects, but to offer authentic, simple flavors at their finest.  In the dining room, a professional and friendly welcome will accompany customers on a delightfully relaxed journey.

Il Cavaliere becomes the ‘culinary country lounge’ where we all wish we could relax as soon as we get a chance.

March 2024

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