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…towards 2014 harvest

 MG 8753 300x200In some cases when nature needs a hand man can do something

Due to weather conditions the last few months the vines required so much care and constant presence in the vineyards.

Treatments to guard against the downy mildew risk prior, and against botrytis later, as well as the defoliation in the vineyard to give grapes a better ventilation and exposure, required many hours work in the vineyard.

We did not have the August we yearned for, yet it was not bad, it lacked the heat but we did not have too much water (very lucky compared to some other regions).
We preserved from sickness and mould, but the situation is abnormal: veraison completed in late August, the berry maturation is delayed, while the plant is carrying out its natural growth cycle, even in advance, it may happen that when the berries will still need nutrition from the plant it will already be entered into rest, this could lead to a reversal of the translocation process.

The Sangiovese grape not being a early ripening varietal, even when it is late, if it is healthy, it can still give good results.
This vintage will give us the most characteristic Sangiovese, certainly more moderate alcohol content.
Of course, at this point will be September to make a difference!