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Travel however: the suggestion of fantasy, the emotion of reality

Destination Everywhere_interview Castello di Gabbiano winemakerThe traveler never stops. In this time, when travel is not possible, he relies on his own imagination, on readings, on the vision of beautiful documentaries and services available on TV and online. An inexpensive way of “self-transporting” around the world – no limits of time or distance. The whole world becomes accessible. We discover new destinations, some very far from the place where we live, some just close to home.

Andy McNeill & Todd Bludworth for Destination Everywhere podcasts discover and report places to visit around the world, they visit the destinations in person, normally, they have continued to do so remotely, like any good traveler.  Thus they arrived in Tuscany, at Castello di Gabbiano. They ‘met’ our winemaker who conveyed them the soul of our wine, that is the soul of our place. They will soon publish the interview in the new episode dedicated to Tuscany .

The moment in which we will return to the real journey is certainly not far away – when by bicycle, car, train, plane, we can really go to that place where we could only imagine going.

Since there are places whose aromas, flavors, lights and colors, the people and the atmosphere, can be described even well by conveying their suggestion, but only by living in them you can enjoy and live the emotion.

We are preparing to welcome visitors who will come back to visit us, or new ones to discover this special place and experience the real emotion as soon as possible.

March 2024

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