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Upcoming opening Art Exhibition «quadreria naturale»


opera dell’artista Livio Tessandori
Opera dell’artista Mauro Lovi









Sunday, April 14th opening  the art exhibition at Castello di Gabbiano : artworks by Livio Tessandori and Mauro Lovi

Two artists, both original from Lucca, whose paths are different but intersecting and today they converge to Castello di Gabbiano. Different techniques, different way to look at life, different moods and thoughts but for both of them art is the only way to express themselves.

Livio Tessandori:  abstract painting is what better allows him to express his emotions and the color is the protagonist in all his works.  He first drafts his paintings by watercolors on notebooks that become his ‘diaries’, since he writes there his daily emotions through his art.   He paints his artworks by wax and oil, but it is his use of infinite shades of natural pigments (powders) that give the final work life and make it unique.

Mauro Lovi: architect and artist, there is no artistic language that the artist has not faced, in his long commitment to experimentation and study, with high professionalism and excellent results.  With his painting he expresses the non-existent separation between art and architecture, as well as conscious and unconscious, reason and instinct, day and night. Painter of the real, as he likes to define himself, because the representation is like the clear and unambiguous composition of a material that would otherwise escape too much.