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Some key words always guided our work, we had never realized that they can all be summed up in two words: UVA PRETIOSA(Precious Grape).  Today Castello di Gabbiano is the leader of the UVA PRETIOSA Project.

The industrial wine sector is exploring solutions to develop marketable products resulting from the exploitation of the industry’s wastes. UVA PRETIOSA project aims to find new reuses technics of by-products of grape-wine production chain. Winemaking is well-known for its generation of large amounts of organic wastes and by-products, such as marcs, pomace, lees and seeds. Some experiments were conducted by the University of Florence, by Castello di Gabbiano and by Vinidea, in collaboration with San Lorenzo Green Power for the enhancement of lees, and with Vino Vigna for immature grapes.

The liquid lees was transformed into:

– wine to be reintegrated in the production process

– concentrated lees suitable for the production of biogas used later to produce electricity

– compost to be used to give organic substance to the soil

Production of lees concentrates suitable for sending to the biodigester for the production of biogas and a wine with characteristics similar to wine before racking: Video – produzione feccia concentrata per produzione di biogas e di un vino – Documenti – Piacenza (

The unripe grapes were processed in order to obtain an antioxidant extract. The first steps in the process of producing an antioxidant extract from immature grapes: Video showing the destemming and pressing phases for the production of anti ox extracts from unripe clusters  / Video-produzione di un estratto antiossidante partendo da uva immatura – Documenti – Piacenza (

Uva Pretiosa partnership:   Beringer Blass Italia – Castello di Gabbiano, the Isole and Olena Agricultural Company, San Lorenzo Green Power, the Department of Agricultural, Food, Environmental and Forestry Sciences and Technologies of the University of Florence, ERATA and VINIDEA


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